Shoulder & Neck Pain By Physician,Huntsville AL ,Eric Beck

Nerve damage specialist from Huntsville, AL, Dr. Eric Beck speaks about shoulder and neck pain is a very common discomfort that physical therapists see quite often. Shoulder and neck pain can be caused by 3 major reasons. It can be from a disk that is herniated, arthritis of the neck, or simple muscle strains. There is a majority of ways to treat shoulder and neck pain. Just like any kind of muscle pain the first step is to find what is causing the pain; this can be done by an x-ray, an MRI, or nerve tests. After finding the cause of the pain, a physical therapist can go forth and try to find a good treatment. For a ruptured disk, a simple harness can easily treat the pain. Arthritis of the neck can be helped through medication or even simple exercises such as stretching. Sprains and strains of the neck can also be helped through neck exercises done on the daily basis.

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