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If you are looking for help with physical medicine and rehabilitation, pain management or electrodiagnostic medicine, you’ve come to the right place.

Dr. Eric R. Beck, medical doctor in Huntsville AL, is triple board-certified in these areas and offers patients advanced treatment for a wide variety of muscle and nerve disorders (from carpal tunnel syndrome to children with cerebral palsy) and musculoskeletal pain, among other things. He has a special interest in the rehabilitation of adults and children with neurological illness and injury.

Dr. Beck is also available for medico-legal consultation for issues related to general physical medicine and rehabilitation as well as pain management.

Medical Doctor Huntsville AL Dr. Eric Beck offers medical services to the residents of Huntsville, Fort Payne, Birmingham, Normal and Brownsboro.

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Medical Doctor Huntsville: Exercise Therapy for Pain Management

exersice therapy huntsvilleIntroduction

Medical Doctor Huntsville: Exercise therapy focuses on helping the body function at a higher level of efficiency. Exercise is important for helping all body systems function optimally while preventing injury, pain, and deterioration. Exercise therapy may help improve flexibility, strength, endurance, and posture. Exercise therapy may focus on select muscle groups and/or the body as a whole. Exercise and therapy modalities may be used together to increase the effectiveness of treatment.

Exercise may help with pain management and improve function. Strength training, aerobic exercise, and stretching may comprise a whole body program. Various types of yoga may be used to improve joint health, proper breathing, and relaxation.


Pain Management

Medical Doctor Huntsville: Your therapist will assess your baseline skills before formulating your individual exercise program. The evaluation results are necessary to customize a treatment plan with specific short term and long-term goals. You should tell your therapist about any problems or concerns that you have. You should also discuss your specific goals, expectations, and priorities. This information is helpful for formulating an individualized plan that is safe for you.

Your therapist will instruct you on the specific exercises or techniques in your exercise program. You should perform your exercises as instructed. At periodic intervals, your exercise therapy program will be reassessed and changed as you meet goals. By working with professionals, you are ensured that you are exercising at a challenging yet safe level for you.


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Huntsville Physician Rewards Kid for a Good Deed

 Huntsville Medical Doctor

We believe that many good deeds
done each day are going un-rewarded.
We all know that negativity will
not improve a situation, but complimenting
or rewarding a job well done will actually
prompt more of those good activities.

This contest is open to any youth 18 years of age and under.
Simply do what the title says, “DO A GOOD DEED”
and tell us in a short essay what you did,
why you chose to do it and what
happened as a result.

Contest ends January 28th, 2012

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