Nerve Testing by Eric Beck, Medical Doctor, Huntsville, AL

Dr. Eric Beck, a physician from Huntsville, AL talks about how nerve testing and physical therapy work together. Nerve testing determines what kind of physical therapy is needed to treat an injury or pinched nerve. Dr. Beck also treats carpal tunnel syndrome, nervous system problems and deals with different kinds of physical rehabilitation.


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Eric Beck, M.D.
Valley Center for Nerve Studies & Rehabilitation
2011 Gallatin St.
Huntsville, AL, 35801


Good Deed Reward Announcement

The winner of Dr. Eric Beck contest is Laurel Matthews a 4th grade student at Jones ValleyElementary School in Huntsville, AL. She won an Ipad.

Here is her essay:

A good deed that I have done to visit an elderly woman who goes to my church. she is so nice! I feel so sorry for her since She got a stroke and can not talk any more. When me and my friend Erin went to visit her we got to talk and look in her photo album that has pictures of her husband who passed passed away a few years ago . All of the pictures where either of him and his crew working on putting the living Christmas tree or of the living Christmas tree with all of the singers on it. I had so much fun and I think Mrs. Pryor did too.  I really hope I can visit her sometime soon even though she can’t talk I think it makes her happy when my friend and me are there, What we did was in girl scouts we were taking goody baskets to the  elderly to cheer them up and I am really glad I did it.

Laurel Matthews

Good Deed

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome by Eric Beck, Medical Doctor, Huntsville, AL

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) is associated by symptoms and signs, which are caused by compression of the median nerve travelling through the carpal tunnel. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome affects the hands since it is an upper limb neuropathy that results in motor and sensory disturbance of the median nerve

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