Huntsville AL Doctor Buys Back Halloween Candy To Give To Troops Overseas

Huntsville Medical Doctor on WHNT 19 HD

 Huntsville AL Dr. Eric Beck says, “Basically what we do is give a dollar a pound for any candy that children bring in.  Then, we take the candy and send it to Operation Gratitude, which will then package the candy up and send it in care packages to active duty troops overseas.”

The office decor gives it away, but they’re not anti-Halloween.

Beck explains, “We love Halloween, we’re just trying to minimize a little bit of the candy and do something nice at the same time.”

The doctor thinks a little candy should do a kid fine.  Generosity will hopefully fill them up the rest of the way.

Beck says, “Candy is not great for the teeth or the waistline, so the less candy they eat the better off they are.  And the more candy we get to send to our troops, the better off they are.”

Last year, the children sold back more than 300 lbs of candy.  Dr. Beck hopes they’ll break that record.  The buy-back program lasts from November 1st until November 5th.

Huntsville Medical Doctor on WHNT 19 HD

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