Winner: Ricky Parker – Nominated for a Hero

Winner Entry

Melia Parker wants to nominate Ricky Parker as a Hero.

Here is why:

I would like to nominate my family’s hero. My husband and my children’s father. He has been a firefighter for the Huntsville fire department for the past 5 years and he works his off days part time for HEMSI. Not only does he get up every morning ready to serve our community but he constantly puts others needs before his. A day in the life of my husband consist of putting out fires, cutting people out of cars, transporting people with various ailments and trying to keep everyone calm and collected during some of the hardest times in their lives. On the few off days that he has during a week he trys to catch up on sleep and be that rock for our family. He is a great dad and a wonderful husband on top of being a hero for the community every day. I would like for him to win a free massage to know how appreciated he is every day.


Ronny Johnson – Nominated for a Hero

April Christopher wants to nominate Ronny Johnson as a Hero.

Here is why:

I have had to honor and privilege of being employed by Dr. Ronny Johnson (Vascular Surgery) for almost 20 years. Over these years I have witnessed and heard of countless examples of his selfless actions. From giving his very own shoes to a patient to visiting patients at home while during their final hours on earth Dr. Johnson has touched the lives of thousands of patients, family members, co-workers and employees. Of Dr. Johnson’s greatest attributes is his inability to say “NO!” and while frustrating at times for many of his employees (including myself) this is only another example of selfless spirit and infinite availability to serving others. It is with no doubt in my mind that many would agree with me that Dr. Johnson is a ‘Local Hero’ but beyond that he is loved more than words can express and his legacy for doing ‘Your Best’ should be a challenge for anyone that has the privilege of caring for others.

April Christopher, RN/RVT