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Huntsville Physician: Psoriatic Arthritis

Huntsville Physician: Psoriasis Arthritis is an illness that affects millions of people. There is no cure yet for it. It is known for the swelling of joints and scaly patches of skin. This type of arthritis

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“Nominate a Hero” Winner

We are pleased to announce the weekly winners for our “Nominate a Hero” program. The winners will receive 1 FREE Massage Therapy Session. Each one of them is helping his community, improving lives of others and

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Huntsville Medical Doctor Dr. Eric Beck Explains Why Aerobic Exercise Can be More Effective Than Drugs in the Treatment of Fibromyalgia

  A recent cross-sectional survey  involving fibromyalgia patients found that when participants were asked to list the top 10 most beneficial therapies for fibromyalgia, no drugs were mentioned, and when asked


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Huntsville Medical Doctor’s Halloween Candy buy back 2011

Huntsville AL Medical Doctor Eric Beck led an anti tooth-decay movement by giving away dollars in exchange for candy. This past Halloween, trick-or-treaters brought their excess candy to Dr. Beck’s office in Huntsville